Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Brunch Bralette

Sunday Brunch is my favorite meal of the week. It's casual enough that anything goes, but no one thinks you're overdoing it if you decide to dress yourself up to the nines. For my most recent Sunday Brunch, I dressed myself up to the eights (one has to save one's best sequins and stilettos for the nighttime)!

I am still trying my hand at different ways to wear crop tops. As you might have noticed, I've expressed my trepidations at being too underdressed almost every time I've mentioned the style. This time, I decided that I could pull off even the most cropped of crop tops as long as I covered it up with something that was semi-opaque. The semi-opaque garment I selected for this duty was my filmy floral caftan top that used to be a dress. I've worn it many times, but I've always paired it with a much-more-modest camisole underneath.

This time, the layer underneath was a white bralette with an ornamental criss-cross neckline that I purchased sometime in the past year. Once I picked the white top, I decided to go white all the way with white cropped pants and white heeled sandals.
But by the time I got to picking out my jewelry, I wasn't feeling the white any more (fickle is my middle name!) so I went with amethyst earrings.

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