Monday, July 10, 2017

What to wear to a meeting

I had a cutesy princess-like outfit laid out for today, but as I was lying awake in bed at 4 am, I suddenly remembered I had a meeting scheduled, and decided to wear something a little more businesslike instead. Naturally, choosing a different outfit at the last minute caused me to be late for work, but I think it was worth it. Sometimes it's better to look professional than to actually be  professional, right!?

For when I want to look professional, I have a sort of formula to advise how I dress.

It usually starts with a button-down shirt, because they have a businesslike reputation. The temperature was expected to get up to 93 degrees outside today, so I made sure my shirt was sleeveless. One of the things I enjoy about being a girl is that it is socially acceptable for me to wear sleeveless tops in most settings. This even includes work meetings! Going sleeveless is necessary for my comfort, especially on my bike ride home (although I usually pack my heels and wear flat shoes while riding my bike, I try to avoid changing clothes for my commute, as that eats up too much time and precious cargo space), so I really appreciate that my more revealing clothing choice is still acceptable. Thank you, fickle gods of the dress code, for this bountiful gift!

One thing I try to avoid at business meetings is big dangly earrings. Although they are pretty much my go-to accessory for finishing off any look, I am conscious that when I speak, I move my head around a lot. And when I move my head a lot, I also move my earrings a lot. I feel like Style Tip  having huge earrings flailing around your face is a sure recipe for distracting people and possibly annoying them, so for meetings, try to keep it simple with earrings that can't make your coworkers seasick.

Today's choice was a small pair of teardrops (only a little bit dangly!) studded with dark blue crystals.
I haven't been wearing stud earrings much since I got my hair cut short a year and a half ago, since the hair basically hides all but the longest of earrings. But recently, it has grown long enough that I can manage to scrape it into an updo (read: fancy ponytail). 
It's somewhat sloppy in the back, with unsightly barrettes necessary to keep it from falling out, but it still counts! Although my sensible bob is a perfectly businesslike hairdo on its own, many years of having hippie-long locks have gotten me into the mindset that I look more professional with my hair tightly confined, so I felt like a meeting was the perfect setting to wear my newly possible updo. Not only is this style good for presenting a polished image and showing off smaller earrings, but it's also pretty comfortable on a hot day! I'll probably continue to let my hair grow out over the summer, so that I can pull it off my neck when needed, and then switch up my style at the onset of autumn.
I tried on several skirts with this blouse, but none of them really looked quite right. Skirts are a tricky thing to wear for meetings, because they have a way of veering into territories that don't always project the right image. Of the skirts I tried, one was too short, the next too fancy, and the last too raggedy. I reluctantly decided to stick with the always-safe cigarette pants. Boring! But at least my shoes could add some excitement!

The nice thing about meetings is that 90% of them are spent sitting around a table where no one can see your feet, so you can still afford to have fun with your shoes. For my footwear today, I wore a new pair of rainbow sandals. Yes, another one. After two years of buying every pair of shoes with a rainbow motif I could find (I now own 4 pairs), I think my thirst for rainbows has finally been slaked. I was less excited about the colors of these shoes than I was about the fact they had laces...because they allowed me to make a pun! Are you ready?

Between the laces on my shoes, and the bow on my blouse, you could say I was all tied up in a meeting today!

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