Monday, March 10, 2014

The Ununfashionista

This year for Lent, I've decided to give up Self Adornment as Hobby. You can read all about my motives and what that actually entails over on my other blog. But in short, it means you probably won't be seeing any personal style photos on this blog until Easter. On the other hand, I will be posting profusely all through March on Val's Galorious Galaxy, so if you're in the reading mood, that's where you can go.

I will continue posting DIY's if I make any (I have a few half-finished already in the works) and won't refrain from sharing my UnPhilosophy when I have an opinion, but this might be a slow 40 days.

Just thought I'd let you know what's up in advance!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Going Out

Outerwear is another thing I don't often feature in my blog, so I'm just breaking all kinds of norms this month! I actually wasn't going to photograph this outfit at all, because under the coat, it's basically just a redux of Snow Bunny in brown instead of black.

But then I realized that a fuzzy coat and  the most brilliant accessory ever — a dog — could put an entirely different angle on the whole thing!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unfashion at Night

You've probably noticed that my blog is filled almost entirely of pictures of me dressed for work. There is a reason I don't post many looks outside of a casual office setting. Ask your drunk friend to take a picture of you in a crowded room under dim lighting, and you will understand what it is. I cannot get blog-worthy evening photos to save my life.

Nonetheless, I want to prove that I do have other fashion sides to me than "quirky office drone," so I'll suffer you to observe some of my poorly captured photos from Monte Carlo Night last weekend. And a few closeup photos of the dress and shoes, so you can at least see how gorgeous they are when you can actually see both of them.

Front and center is a slinky blue dress with crystal studded accents on the straps. I didn't want to detract from that stunning but little detail, so I kept my jewelry to a minimum, wearing only a pair of large crystal stud earrings. But I let the shoes shine out, because they're awesome. I actually bought these shoes on impulse months ago, and then I had to buy the dress (breaking the bank at $5.50 on eBay) so I would have something equally awesome to wear with them.

Wish that I could say my hair was awesome as well. We were only alerted to the existence of this event 2 hours before it started, and by the time we were certain we'd be allowed in, we didn't have any time to waste getting ready, so I did my famous (OK, it's famous now that I named it) "5 minute updo." But I could have spent at least another minute on the bangs.