Friday, April 27, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 16

The Recital Look

Immediately after bidding on these black velvet pants, I regretted it. Meaning, of course, I won them. Seriously, who can wear velvet pants to anything but a piano recital and get away with it? I at least tried, pairing them with one of my dressiest tops so they wouldn't seem too out of place. It may have been overkill for a Monday at the office, but at least I finally have black pants long enough to wear with high heels—which is the best way to wear black pants!

Suffering to Be Beautiful

I haven't gotten nearly enough wear out of these "blush" shoes I'm sporting in the picture, so I chose Tuesday's outfit with them in mind. To be honest, there's not much in my wardrobe that looks good with off-pink shoes. I originally tried this outfit with a magenta blouse (at right), but it didn't really match the skirt, so I had to choose the almost-too-casual pink knit top instead.

Someone at the office commented on how pretty my shoes were, but little did she know that, at that moment, I felt like they were about to slice my Achilles tendon clean through. I've done my best to stretch them, but I think it may be time to say adieu to these cute, but hard-to-match and uncomfortable, shoes.

Hippie Cowgirl

I finally decided to join the teeming hordes of ladies who follow the trend of  tight pants under boots. To accomplish this, I first had to acquire some tight pants, which I found at Rugged Wearhouse for 7 dollars. They are actually boot cut, which, if you were not aware, is a cut designed to fit over boots, not tuck inside them, so I had to fold over the fabric inside the boots and let out the laces just a little. Fortunately, with lace-up boots, that is something you can do. On top, I wore a sheer, hippie/boho top that is not quite as trendy and not quite flattering either. All said, I don't think I'll be sporting this look much, if ever again. Though maybe I'll give it another shot when I get out my winter boots next year. That is, if it's still trendy.

You Had to Buy the Green Pants, Didn't You?

Bored with black, brown, and khaki pants, I finally let my legwear follow in my shoes' footsteps and started supplementing the collection with more colors. I have learned two things from this endeavor: 1) I have to stop buying Old Navy pants in a size 6, because they run large, and 2) I have no butt. If you haven't guessed, the pants were a little too big for me. Some graceless alterations made them fit tolerably well, although they still look a little bulgy in the back. They were the perfect match to my zigzag striped shoes, but apparently finding a shirt to go with green pants is a bit more of a challenge. I went with plain old white.

Avant Good Gracious!

This marks the third time I've worn this pink dress, and I think that means I have to put it on the bench for a while, since it's kind of, in my opinion, unforgettable. However, wearing it gave me the opportunity to also wear my black knee socks with the pink band around the top, which I haven't been able to wear at all, since nothing else matches them! As I am sick to death of being cold (The weather has been such a tease this month), I wore a tight fitting black top underneath, which gave the dress a kind of weird, edgy look that I guess was OK to try once, but probably not all the time. However, my new (future) housemate complimented me on the outfit, so it must not have been too weird/edgy. On the other hand, she has orange dyed partially shaved hair and tattoos all up and down her arms, so her fashion sense may not mirror that of the general public.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Unfashion A Day, Week 15

With forecast highs in the sixties every day this week, I officially put away my winter clothes and got out the summer ones. Technically I should have waited until the actual highs were in the sixties, but I was just tired of waiting! That means the clock restarts here. Although there are officially 4 weeks left of it, this challenge is all but won. I have a whole summer wardrobe to work through, which includes 21 never-worn shirts, 13 of which I would consider workplace attire. But a promise is a promise. I will continue to inundate you with weekly posts until May 18, upon which I will be certain to take a break.

Go Dolphins!

When I came to work wearing this turquoise top and orange-and-turquoise shirt, my coworker thanked me for representing the Miami Dolphins. That was not my intent, but hey, whatever it takes to get people interested in fashion! I don't think I'll sport this particular combo again, because the shade of the shirt kind of clashes with the shade of the skirt. And the white shoes I wore have reached the point of being mistaken for grey.

Business on Top, Disco on the Bottom

I'm getting better at layering, and I'm beginning to appreciate the value of adding interest to a monochromatic shirt by adding more clothes under it, but I still prefer the easy, one-step process of putting on a single shirt. That's why I love the layered-look shirts that are one piece designed to look like two. When I first saw them back in the early 2000's, I thought they were pointless, but laziness and higher fashion standards have won me over. This one is especially cute because the plaid fabric peeking out the bottom is all frilled and skirt-like! I wore it with white pants and, yes, white disco shoes (in the photo, for some reason, I am not wearing any shoes). The disco shoes gave me a humongous blister and I don't even like the way they look, so this is probably the first and last time I'll wear them.

Good Thing It Was Cold Out

A week ago, I went to a winter blow out sale at my favorite thrift stores. All winter clothes were 50% off. Of course, by the time I got there, slim pickings were all that were left, but I was able to score this nifty sweater set. I thought I was going to have to wait till next fall to wear it, but fate and the weather were on my side, and Wednesday came up dreary and cold. I thought about wearing this with a brown skirt or pants, but decided that would be too brown, and anyway, all the browns were slightly mismatched. I did, however, wear brown shoes. Considering the agony of my blister, it was the perfect day to wear backless clogs.


You've seen this dress before; I wore it in February with my souped up socks. Its greatest feature is its abundance of beautiful, saturated greens, blues, and purples. The little purple bows on my socks in that outfit kind of complemented the effect, but this time I took it even further and wore it with some neon green shoes. I guess it was a good choice, because a coworker complimented me on my "shoes and pedicure." (I'm wearing yellow toenail polish.) I guess this outfit would have been a perfect 10 if the heels were black instead of brown, but we can't win 'em all.

Triumph of the Underdogs

This is an interesting sweater. I never would have tried it on in a store because elbow-length sleeves usually look bad on me, but since it came to me via eBay lot, I gave it a fighting chance. And maybe it's because of the unusually fluttery nature of these particular sleeves...or maybe it's the empire waist or the low hemline, but it looked just fine. The necklace is one that I got a while ago in a big collection of jewelry. My first instinct was to get rid of it, since it was made of lumpy beads of polymer clay in dull colors, meant to look like rocks, and it struck me as both dull and tacky. But after finding it recently in my pile of Stuff to Sell, I decided to give it a fighting chance as well. I ended up liking the effect! Just a note: I switched the shoes for my clogs before leaving, because my blister was still tender.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unfashion A Day, Week 14

Pink Spring

When I bought this shirt, I was wearing these black pants, and, trying it on, I was delighted with the way the slim fitted top merged seamlessly into the slim fitted pants and then flared out at the bottom. I knew, a whole month ago or more, that the first time I wore this top, it would be with these pants. A monochromatic shirt and neutral pants are the perfect backdrop for colorful accessories, so I wore a pearl charm bracelet in various pastel shades. Next time, though, I think I'll steer clear of the black bras.

Fancy Feet

The focal point of this outfit (although you can't tell from the photo) is the shoes. I'd been fantasizing about these zigzag stripey shoes ever since I first saw them on one of the three shoe clubs I belong to, but I wouldn't buy them because 40 dollars is more than an Unfashionista ever pays unless she's desperate. But when I found them again on Shoe Carnival, with a coupon-discounted price around 24 dollars, I indulged in a little splurge (hey, I needed those shoes to get my total high enough to qualify for free shipping!)

Here's a closeup. The multicolored stripes mean they go with almost anything—except the socks I chose to wear with them! I had to take those off halfway through the day because I was so embarrassed by the color clash.

Fluffy Feet

As on Tuesday, the focus of Wednesday's outfit was also the footwear. I really wanted to show off these leg warmers one more time before the end of winter, so I scrounged up another outfit to match them. Last time, I wore them with a green khaki skirt and a light purple sweater; this time, I did almost the same and wore them with a tan khaki skirt and a dark purple sweater (and the same shoes). Although it seems to be hard to wear these accessories with anything but khaki and purple, I still love them. I hope leg warmers stay in fashion for a good long while!

The Unfashionista Outdoes Herself

You'll notice I skipped Thursday, because I skipped work on Thursday to visit with family. But you still won't miss a single fabulous example of Unfashion, because I wore two outfits on Friday! I left for work in the morning dressed in this grey and black sweater dress in another "last chance" effort before I put away my winter wardrobe. Originally my plan for this dress was grey leggings and black leg warmers, but I decided leg warmers twice in two days was just too much, so the leg warmers will have to wait until next year. Instead, I wore black leggings and black foldover boots.

I went home around noon to take care of a household issue. I had planned to take the bus, but the buses were running behind, so I chose to start walking home and catch one at a later stop. I ended up walking almost 2 miles, so no one should be surprised that by the time I got home, I was pretty hot. It was nearly 65 out by that time, and here I was tramping across town in a sweater dress! Since I was home anyway, I traded the dress for a black skirt and a red 3/4 sleeve top, keeping the leggings and the boots. At first I worried that three black articles of clothing on top of each other was a bad move, but I think I like the look of all black accented by a splash of color, and the interesting profile created by all those different layers.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Unfashion A Day, Week 13

Wintry Spring

Since the weather has dropped into the icky range again, I decided to focus on sweaters—particularly this one, which I've only worn once. I'm not crazy about it. The sleeves are just slightly puffed, enough to make my shoulders – already a sensitive issue with me – look even bigger! However, I found that it looked pretty decent with a tank top underneath it. To help avoid the color-blocked look, I pinned the butterfly that had last been seen gracing my head to the collar. I wore it with some neutral, transparent, lace-covered shoes, which have not yet been seen in this blog!

If only we just wore uniforms

Lacking any real inspiration this day, I simply picked out the first thing I could find that I hadn't worn recently. If you recall, the last time I wore this shirt, it was with khaki pants. So this time, I really changed things up and wore it with ... a khaki skirt! Will the flow of creativity never cease!? The leggings underneath prompt me to make an ironic observation: While all my pantyhose are just dark enough to make me look like I stuck my legs in a tanning booth and forgot the rest of me, these leggings make me look just the opposite. There appears to be no way a girl can cover up her legs unobtrusively! Unfair!

Happy Medium

Over the few months I've owned it, I have come to the conclusion that this is my favorite shirt. It fits snugly, but not so snugly as to be tasteless. The wide neckline helps reduce the apparent size of those omnipresent broad shoulders and opens up the perfect viewing area for cool necklaces, such as the multi-stranded beaded one I'm sporting in the photo! I chose a white skirt simply because it would match the silver stripes in the top, and I chose a long one, because after yesterday's legging disappointment, I wanted a no-fuss way to keep my legs warm. I wore black flat shoes, not because they matched, but because they looked more sophisticated than the white deck shoes which were my only other choice.

Hooky Look

Today was a weird day, because I got all dressed up for work, then at the last minute decided to stay home since I wasn't feeling well. So the only people who will ever see this outfit are you, my loyal readers! It's OK, really. This outfit kind of sucked. The blouse is too big (and did I ever mention I really don't like button-up blouses to begin with?), the pants are too long (even with 5-inch heels) and the shoes, while they matched the blouse perfectly, with their peep-toes, were not a great choice for today's weather.

Week 13 really was unlucky for me—3 of the 5 days, I wore an article I kind of don't like – the white sweater, the white skirt, and the green blouse – and made a leggings faux pas another day. Week 13 is my record-breaking week for not repeating any outfit, and it's beginning to show. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here! If warm weather would just arrive, I would have all sorts of new and exciting clothes to wear, but until then, it's going to be blah, blah, blah.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday: Web Development Nerddom Meets Unfashion

Normally, I would not consider an outfit comprised mainly of a souvenir T-shirt to be the epitome of classy office attire.

So why am I devoting a whole post to it? Well, I'm not...not really. But I am beginning with it.

You see, on Wednesday, a group of us who had attended DrupalCon (that's the conference I alluded to a week ago) made a short presentation to others who had not attended DrupalCon. And those of us presenting wore our DrupalCon T-shirts.

It is worth mentioning that I had ordered a women's large, because women's T-shirts notoriously run small, but when I picked mine up, it was equally as big as a men's large. I traded it in for a medium, which still needed a little taking in. Since I did work my alteration magic on the shirt, I suppose that alone warrants it a spot on this blog.

But the real reason I'm posting today is to show you the earrings I wore. I picked them up during one of my post-conference shopping excursions. I was casually looking for earrings, but when I saw these, I knew I had to have them because of their uncanny resemblance to the Drupal logo!

Drupal Logo
My Earring
Amazing, isn't it?!

Besides being the perfect souvenir of a conference, which – unlike the T-shirt, for example, doesn't scream out, "She got me at a nerd conference!" – it also features a seagull, which is one of my favorite creatures.