Sunday, March 1, 2020


There comes a time in every Unfashionista's life, when she must ask herself the age-old question: How much sequins is too much sequins for the office? For this Unfashionista, that time is just about every Friday Funday, which she saves for the second-most exciting clothes in her wardrobe (the most exciting clothes get reserved for Saturdays!).

This Friday, the questionable garment on consideration was this sparkly peacock-bedecked dress, which you might recognize from its previous life as an oft-photographed regular-old dress (it's the dress that keeps on giving!).

I'm in an ongoing frenzy of appliquéing (see my llama shirt and velvet slip dress for recent examples), and one appliqué that I've been waiting to use for entirely too long is the peacock you now see on the dress. I was hoping to get a new, plain black dress for this purpose, but isn't it better to use what you have? So that's what I did.

Hopefully I won't need a plain long-sleeved black dress until after I get bored of literally peacocking around...but if I do, it'll be easy enough to remove the appliqué just by washing the dress a few times (I used water-soluble fabric glue). Honestly, this is probably the first and last time I'll ever wear this dress this way, because the weight of the peacock pulls the neckline out of shape...and plus, I think this much sequins might just be too much sequins for the office.

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