Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dress over pants

In this photo (which is crazily tilted because I shot it in a rush immediately before leaving for a trip), I'm wearing  my most snazzy blue and black tapestry trousers and a black dress with a girly empire waist (I am also wearing a dopey expression and extremely disheveled hair because I am in a rush and about to leave for a trip!). I do enjoy wearing these pants with a black top, because it allows me to showcase any of a number of blue necklaces I have. In this look, I'm wearing the statement necklace with dangly beads and matching earrings. Down below is a pair of glittery (no, you can't see the glitter because the angle is bad because – you guessed it – I was in a rush) platform wedge boots, which, shockingly, I've only worn one other time this winter.

You know what else is shocking? Did you catch it? I'm wearing a dress over pants!

The fashion media is always trying to make wearing dresses and skirts over pants a thing—and generally failing, as it's still a novelty you never see on the streets. I personally like the look—it reminds me a bit of the salwar kameez, but more Westernized for those of us who don't feel confident in the traditional dress of other cultures.

Here's my latest and most daring take on the non-trend (I've tried it before, but mainly with extremely short, tight sweater dresses that could pass for shirts). What do you think? Should dresses over pants be a thing? Would you wear them?

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  1. No this is not right! Women should only wear dresses! No pants!