About the Unfashionista

Hello, and welcome! I am the Unfashionista, but you can call me Valerie if that sounds better. Let me tell you what this blog is all about, short and sweet: lots of outfit ideas, and tips on building a great wardrobe on the cheap.

Why Unfashionista?

You may be wondering why I chose to identify myself with such a name. After all, no one really wants to be called unfashionable. To that I say, it's not unfashion, it's Unfashion. With a capital U.

That capital U says so much. It says attitude. It says confidence. It says, "I know about fashion, but I'm not a slave to it!"

An Unfashionista is not just another sheep following the trends, but an artist—someone who can make wise decisions about her look and know when to break with convention.

Why this blog?

To make a long story short, in my later high school years, I somehow converted myself from a super dork with no fashion sense to just a super dork. These days, I get a lot of comments on my "style," and usually they're even complimentary!

I decided I wanted to memorialize my accomplishments and encourage others to similar success. I hope that by sharing my wardrobe, tips, tricks, and ideas with the Wide World of the Web, other individualistic and creative girls out there (You?) will be inspired to develop a style of their own.

The secret to my look is a bit of aesthetic sensibility and a hearty helping of thrift. The best things in life are free or heavily discounted. I never buy when I can make; I am my own personal tailor; I wait until the end of the season when everything's on sale; I scour the secondhand shops on a regular basis; I am a Freecycle fiend. The outfits that I put together are rarely trendy, but they always have style.

Sometimes it's the wrong style, and that's part of the fun. Artistic genius or fashion flub, I'll let you decide! Get some ideas, and learn from my mistakes!

Fashion fun is on the way, and I'm glad you stopped by to partake of it.