Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dress over pants

In this photo (which is crazily tilted because I shot it in a rush immediately before leaving for a trip), I'm wearing  my most snazzy blue and black tapestry trousers and a black dress with a girly empire waist (I am also wearing a dopey expression and extremely disheveled hair because I am in a rush and about to leave for a trip!). I do enjoy wearing these pants with a black top, because it allows me to showcase any of a number of blue necklaces I have. In this look, I'm wearing the statement necklace with dangly beads and matching earrings. Down below is a pair of glittery (no, you can't see the glitter because the angle is bad because – you guessed it – I was in a rush) platform wedge boots, which, shockingly, I've only worn one other time this winter.

You know what else is shocking? Did you catch it? I'm wearing a dress over pants!

The fashion media is always trying to make wearing dresses and skirts over pants a thing—and generally failing, as it's still a novelty you never see on the streets. I personally like the look—it reminds me a bit of the salwar kameez, but more Westernized for those of us who don't feel confident in the traditional dress of other cultures.

Here's my latest and most daring take on the non-trend (I've tried it before, but mainly with extremely short, tight sweater dresses that could pass for shirts). What do you think? Should dresses over pants be a thing? Would you wear them?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Surf's Pup!

Not posed, but I kind of look like I'm catching a wave!
In this, my second everyday outfit featuring my peacock blue party dress, I have elected to match it with a simply stunning pair of shoes. Usually I save my shoe-close-ups for later in the post, but I won't leave you hanging...ten! (Let's see how many belabored surfing and water references I can throw into this one entry—that's one!)

Take a look at the brilliant wave-shaped designs on my fancy footwear, which I got for just 10 dollars at Rugged Wearhouse! Not only are they the most totally tubular (that's 2!) shoe embellishment I've seen this week, but they are the exact color of the dress. So my thirst for perfect color matching is quenched (that's 3).

I covered the skimpy upper portion of the dress with a light sweater that I like to think resembles coral with its squiggly decorations and pink hue. And I wore beige knee socks because, well, it's not summer yet!

Guess I'm done. Since I wasn't able to treat you to a veritable tsunami (that's 4) of belabored surfing and water references as I had hoped, I will try to make it up to you with an adorable picture instead. Everyone loves a gratuitous dog photo, right?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don't let the sunshine fool you—it's cold out!


The temperatures around here in Maryland have finally ascended out of the 30's, and I think (hope, hope, hope) we've had the last snowfall of the year. So it's slightly ironic that I saved one of my wintriest outfits until this week. I actually planned it a few weeks ago but then got snowed in completely every time I saw fit to wear it.

Today, with rain and a predicted high of just 53 (it never made it past the mid-40s), seemed like the most opportune moment I'd have to wear so many layers until fall, so I went with it: knit beige vest over green minidress over greenish tan leggings with complementing legwarmers over my purple pumps. And a purple necklace and bracelet.

Yes, I'm back to my old green and purple tricks again.

Monday, March 9, 2015

All Catted Up

I am thoroughly grateful to be living in an age when clothing emblazoned with cats is not the exclusive province of eccentric women who go to cat shows, but, in fact, a very trendy thing to wear (check out the 6,787 Looks featuring cats on Lookbook if you're in doubt).

The Cat Era has been going on for a good long while now—I blame the wonderful Internet and its glorious deluge of cat videos). Though I feared it might be on the downswing a few years ago, it shows no sign of slowing, and that's fine by me.

Back when I was an eccentric youngster who frequented cat shows, I accumulated a good number of cat-themed accessories and clothes, but I was always embarrassed to flaunt my love of felines quite so obviously as to actually wear them. Now the tables have turned, and I am giddy with delight every time I see clothing with cats on it that I can wear and actually look cool!

My newest cat acquisition is this pair of black shoes with white cats frolicking all over them. I wore them with a deliberately plain outfit so the shoes would get all the attention.

But you have to keep a good thing going, so I also wore my mother-of-pearl cat jewelry set. This outfit also marks the Internet debut of my new ombré hair color!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fallen Leaves: A necklace becomes a hair clip

Remember my gold leaf statement necklace? Probably you don't, because I think I only wore it once, with a non-blog outfit, before I disassembled it to make a hair accessory for the Repeal Day celebration.

I had every intention of putting the necklace back together, but alas! I got drunk and magnanimous, and allowed it to go home with this lovely lady whose name I don't even know. I hope she loved it as much the next morning as she did when we took this photo!

Anyway, with only 2 of three leaf-shaped pieces remaining, the necklace didn't look as cute any more, so I decided to turn it into a hair accessory permanently.

I have several metal hair clips lying around from bows that didn't survive my childhood, so I wired the two pieces to one of them. You can sort of see the construction in this close-up photo:

Backside of leaf hair clip

The finished product:

Leaf hair clip

And how I wore it for the first time:

This hair clip was the finishing touch on an outfit I wore for a Monte Carlo night gala last weekend. I have a reputation for wandering off alone when I get bored at social functions, and this time I was busy taking endless pictures of myself in a deserted stairwell. Thankfully a couple of them came out!

Indulging my penchant for one-shouldered tops. The only problem is, it doesn't
quite reach far enough on my oversized shoulder.
I bought this dress for 11.85 on eBay, and felt like a bargain-hunter extraordinaire
when I saw the original price tag said 107. They might have just inflated the
original price to make me feel good, but it worked!

Check out the beautiful shiny feather detailing on the neckline!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Real Cupcake-atarians dance all night

In case you were wondering, here is what I wore for my newly modified Cupcake-atarian T-shirt's first public appearance.

The neon colors and flat boots should probably tell you, I wore this outfit to an EDM concert!

This was also my first time wearing false eyelashes. Can you tell?

I decided to start out with the most subtle of the 3 pairs I own, so I wouldn't be surprised if you can't. But I just feel accomplished that I got to wear them at all. I've tried to wear them on about 4 other occasions, and this is the first time I got them to stick on long enough to make it out the door! By the end of the night, they were lopsided, but still attached. If I can just up my eyelash-glue skills, I can see lots of potential for even more thrilling party looks in the future!