Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mastering the art of layering

Last fall, one of my coworkers commented on the weather, saying he likes it when it gets cold out, because then he gets to start wearing layers. My response was, "You're crazy!" First of all, who likes to be cold? Second of all, who likes wearing layers!? More elements you have to match, more fabric you have to struggle with...blech! My idea of layering is strictly 2-dimensional: pants equal the bottom layer, shirt equals the top.

Obviously, layering is not my strong point. But if I want to pass myself off as someone who knows about clothing, I'm obviously going to have to change that. Last Saturday, I got my chance.

In that last lot of clothes I bought on eBay, one of the pieces I was most excited about was this white tank top with stars, red at the top and gradating to purple at the bottom. When I received it, I was so disappointed to find that it was translucent! Clearly (pun intended) I could not wear this top in public. Heck, I could not even wear it to bed! I stashed it away in my box of stuff to resell, but I couldn't bring myself to actually resell it. It was just too awesome! I had to find some way to wear it.

It occurred to me that it was probably designed for the dread purpose of layering, but I hesitated to actually try it out, until Saturday the second of July rolled around. That day, in a bid to make the most of the Fourth of July weekend, my boyfriend and I planned to go to Baltimore for a day of biking and museum-hopping. I needed to wear something that would acknowledge the upcoming holiday, but was not my traditional blue tank top with the white stars that I reserve for the big day itself.

I chose the starry tank top. After trying it on over practically every other tank top in my possession, I chose to wear it with the pink one. I liked the way the straps didn't line up perfectly, so I could show off the fact that I was, indeed, wearing layers. I wore them with the cutoff shorts with the subtle pink trim, which also had come in the last eBay lot. And then, going absolutely pink-crazy, I put a pink bandanna in my hair, which I thought would be suitable for keeping said hair out of my face and protecting my scalp and neck from the sun while biking. The shoes – well – they looked just terrible, so I didn't put them in the picture!

The finishing touch to this whole outfit was the dainty white star earrings that bring it all together to a satisfying conclusion. A special reward, just for the observant.

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