Friday, February 3, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 5


I'd been fighting it, but I decided it was time to give in and wear the hippie skirt. This brown tiered broomstick skirt used to be one of my favorite articles of clothing, but I never liked the length, and now it's getting a little worn. I'm tired of it, but I bring it out every once in a while just for the memories. I paired it with a fuzzy white sweater and a pair of ladylike brown shoes.


Forget everything I said about belts. This sweater dress came with a big black belt, and after giving it a try, I really like it. In fact, I daresay this is my new favorite dress.

Wearing it with my rock star boots and my new haircut, I felt like a million bucks (but it only cost me seven! Clearance for the win)!

Dangly black floral earrings completed the look, but I don't know if anyone saw them (such is a hazard of wearing your hair down).


Following my attempt at the bombshell look Tuesday, I toned it down Wednesday and played the classic Girl Next Door in khakis, a casual top, flat shoes, and a ponytail.


Don't you hate it when you have your outfit all planned out, and then realize at the last minute it's not going to work? That's what happened to me on Thursday. I like to select my daily outfit the night before, so I'm not rushed in the morning. Wednesday night, I picked out this cute hemp-fiber skirt with a seagull screen print, a green knit top, and a pair of grey knee socks. Thursday morning, I put them on and realized the colors didn't work together at all! So I fell back on an old Unfashionista standby—everything in shades of the same color.
The skirt is basically tan (you may get away with calling it "French grey") and the screen print is straight grey. So I traded up the green top for a grey one. Now the cool grey in my socks clashed with the warm grey in my sweater, so I changed the grey knee socks for ones in a different shade of tan with grey piping.
A change of socks
I was unhappy to have to wear my knockabout tennis shoes since they're so ugly and stained (but grey), but fortunately I keep a pair of grey and tan flats at work (for running to the bus) so I put those on when I arrived.
A change of shoes


To finish off the week in style, I returned to those grey pants that fit so well and reluctantly wore my grey ankle boots underneath them. Reluctantly because, even though I adore looking like a fashion plate (or some kind of human giraffe) in my outrageously tall shoes, my feet were still sore from walking around all evening in Tuesday's boots. But sometimes we must suffer to be beautiful.

Today was Wear Red Day, in honor of women's heart health, and it just so happens that my red, crystal-studded sweater looks great with grey pants! On my ears, I wore a pair of earrings made from recycled Coke cans, which were awesome until I broke one of them shortly after breakfast. I spent the rest of the day bending and re-bending the wires in an attempt to keep them on and visible.

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