Friday, February 24, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 8

It's the little things

In this photo, I'm looking down at my feet because that's where all the excitement is for this outfit. The dress, which has a bright blue, green, and purple paisley design on black, is pretty exciting, it's true, but I didn't make it. What I did make is the tiny lavender bows that adorn the top of my socks. I constructed them of ribbon and hot glue, and attached them with Res-Q tape. They actually made it through the whole day without falling off, and I think they were a nice addition to what would have otherwise been a very black lower half.

Peace, love, and - gasp! - denim

You might recall this shirt from "Not to Be Confused With Hip" from last spring. It looked a lot cuter with that white skirt when worn with no shoes, but really didn't do it for me when I tried it on again on Tuesday. But I had to wear it with something, so I chose another hippie staple: flared jeans. My black sneakers didn't really enhance the look, but I didn't feel like going too natural in the middle of winter. This was the first time I've worn jeans to the office, and it wasn't even casual Friday! No one said anything, which just goes to show I'm trying too hard.

There's a bug on your head.

Wednesday's evening plans called for ice skating, so I had to plan my outfit accordingly. There would likely be a lot of walking to and from the rink, so flat shoes were a must. Long, loose pants and skirts were out, as they could potentially get caught on the blades of my skates. With these limitations in mind - and a strong yearning to wear my green cropped sweater - I chose combat boots and a short tiered black skirt to go with it. Under the sweater, I wore a black tank top, which essentially blended into the skirt for a solid block of black.

This time I let my flesh-toned leggings be an asset rather than a liability, since they would keep me warm in the breeze that's inherent in any cold-weather activity, but would allow me to keep a bare-legged appearance. While the green sweater is a perfect match for green butterfly earrings, I changed it up this time and wore simple dark green studs, moving the butterfly to the top of my head. The butterfly is actually a brooch, which I secured to a plain silver headband with a rubber band. The loose attachment actually makes it bob up and down slightly, which I think is a nice, lifelike effect!

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Prairie Rose

I had planned to wear a sweater dress today, as I've worn one (or at least a very long sweater) every week since Week 2, and wanted to keep up the pattern. But when I read the weather forecast predicting a high of 70 degrees, I knew I had to wear something more summery.

This cute beige blouse is the perfect pairing with this cute brown prairie skirt. The length of the skirt necessitated flat shoes, so I wore a pair of brown flats. All those shades of brown made me feel a little like dirt, so I brightened things up with some pink rose-shaped earrings I'd bought on sale a week ago.

I also experimented with curling my hair in rollers, which produced a nice effect that would have been nicer if half the  hair hadn't fallen out overnight and the other half fallen completely flat in the cold rain that we experienced today instead of the promised 70 degrees. Ugh.


Now that the sun is rising earlier, there is too much backlighting on the window where I've been posing for my Unfashion a Day photos, so I've been experimenting with alternate spots and so far not having very much luck. The clutter in the corner where I shot Monday - Wednesday is bothering me, and the lighting in front of the closet where I shot Friday is still bad. I need to find an alternate location for my Unfashion photos, and soon. I'm thinking maybe a dropcloth over my bed or something?

Another thing that I noticed while taking my photos next to my shoe rack is that I have an overabundance of dark neutral shoes. Browns  and blacks, browns and blacks, it was just loaded up with them! So I vowed that I would not buy any more dark neutrals (except for that one pair I got at the thrift store for $4.50 because I couldn't resist), and I would make a concerted effort to bring some colors into my collection. And I succeeded. I found three pairs online for under 20 each, and I'll show them to you as soon as they arrive!


  1. Tuesday & Friday are the best outfits. Both look good on you.

  2. Thanks for commenting! You must either like the hippie look or the modest look. I'm not sure yet.