Friday, April 15, 2011

Art of Portraiture, I have sinned.

You know that silly photographic trend wherein people post endless pictures online of themselves posing in the mirror with their camera phone in their hand? This is probably the only thing worse than conjoined-faces-shot-at-arm's-length. Don't you just love looking down your nose at the narcissistic fools who do that?

Well, stop. Because I'm about to do post photos of myself posing in a mirror.

You know, it's hard being an unfashionista.You want to have a huge supply of pictures of yourself to post online (it's for the greater good, really!) but you don't want to constantly bug your friends, housemates, and random passersby to take said pictures! You can put your camera on timer mode and a tripod, but that gets a little tiresome, especially when you have to keep running back and forth, checking whether the shot came out as desired. So sometimes you take the lazy route and produce something like this:
Sure, I'm using a real camera, so that puts me a marginal step above the kids who pull this stunt on a regular basis. But still. How much lower could I go?

Well, at least this much lower:
See, now I've even stooped to using a camera phone (to my credit, I only resorted to this measure because the batteries in my camera were dead), which, as you can see, produces terrible quality photos that aren't even worth sharing online.

So why am I sharing them? Well, the blurry picture of me and my iPhone is just one more example of what I've found to do with my tiered skirt from the discount store. This is probably as close as I'll ever come to goth, what with the red and black shirt, black skirt, and black boots with studs in them. Too bad you can't see any of those details from the picture.

In stark contrast, the photo above is everything bright, sunshiney, and childish I could put together in one outfit. I've had that white blouse for just about forever (probably because I wear it just about never). The skirt was my one and only completed attempt at sewing clothes from scratch. I made it out of an old comforter whose stuffing had become unsalvageable. And I got the socks at WalMart for 3 dollars, specifically so I could complete this outfit.

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