Monday, February 11, 2013


Today's challenge: Wear a hook-front camisole at the office.

I've had this camisole for months (got it in an eBay lot, of course!) and I really like it, but every time I've tried to wear it, it hasn't looked right. It's got too much of a sexy vibe to wear on its own, and anything I covered it up with tended to look stupid.

Finally, I lit on a solution, which is becoming a tried-and-true rule of thumb for me. Style Tip When you want to wear something that's too sexy for work, pair it with a dowdy sweater! My oversized black cardigan nicely covered up most of the camisole, while leaving just enough of it visible that I felt it was getting a fair role.

A slim grey knee length skirt kept things sober without falling prey to shapelessness.

And of course, the perfect pairing to all this professional-looking attire was my good-old interview shoes.

I even found a necklace that went well with it all, though as usual, it was too long, and I had to clasp it unconventionally in back.

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