Friday, May 31, 2013

Scarf Face

This is my first post since I left for my trip to the Pacific Northwest earlier this month, and in honor of that, I will share another first: wearing a scarf as a fashion accessory.

While I've worn winter scarves to keep my neck warm, and once or twice even worn them to spruce up a plain-looking outfit, I have never before sported the light, gauzy style of scarf that is primarily worn for decoration.

My mom bought me this butterfly scarf for Christmas, and I've been scouting the streets and thinking long and hard about the best way to make it look good on me.

Eventually, I decided to wear it almost like a shawl, wrapping it around my shoulders, throwing one end behind me, and letting the other hang down in front. This served a dual purpose: adding color to my monochromatic dress, and keeping me warm in the office, which is sadly still cold—though it's finally warmed up outside, it seems they have notched up the air conditioning since last year, because it's still freezing in our building....And I was so comfortable last summer! Sad face.

The sandals are also new, and though they are simple, I'm enjoying them immensely.

Oh, yes, and you might have noticed that my hair is blue. That is also a first; I have never before dyed my whole head an unnatural color, though I have worn streaks on occasion. I like having blue hair. I get so many compliments on it! The downside is that I have to be careful that it doesn't clash with my clothes. When this color fades out, I'll probably give it a rest and go back to my normal dirty blond for a while.

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