Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unfashion at Night

You've probably noticed that my blog is filled almost entirely of pictures of me dressed for work. There is a reason I don't post many looks outside of a casual office setting. Ask your drunk friend to take a picture of you in a crowded room under dim lighting, and you will understand what it is. I cannot get blog-worthy evening photos to save my life.

Nonetheless, I want to prove that I do have other fashion sides to me than "quirky office drone," so I'll suffer you to observe some of my poorly captured photos from Monte Carlo Night last weekend. And a few closeup photos of the dress and shoes, so you can at least see how gorgeous they are when you can actually see both of them.

Front and center is a slinky blue dress with crystal studded accents on the straps. I didn't want to detract from that stunning but little detail, so I kept my jewelry to a minimum, wearing only a pair of large crystal stud earrings. But I let the shoes shine out, because they're awesome. I actually bought these shoes on impulse months ago, and then I had to buy the dress (breaking the bank at $5.50 on eBay) so I would have something equally awesome to wear with them.

Wish that I could say my hair was awesome as well. We were only alerted to the existence of this event 2 hours before it started, and by the time we were certain we'd be allowed in, we didn't have any time to waste getting ready, so I did my famous (OK, it's famous now that I named it) "5 minute updo." But I could have spent at least another minute on the bangs.

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  1. That guy in the red tie is gorgeous!