Monday, December 15, 2014


Once upon a time, during a trying-on-clothes marathon (I have those frequently when I'm looking for new outfits to wear for the upcoming week), I happened to throw this pink jacket over my red skirt suit. I thought it looked great! Pretty colors, a nice tailored look, and just enough quirkiness to qualify as "Unfashion Professional" rather than "Business Boring." I thought with pink, red, and white, I could kind of evoke a peppermint / holiday vibe just in time for Christmas (this would also work well for Valentine's Day, but I didn't want to wait that long).

I planned to wear the combo with ivory tights, but I discovered to my chagrin the day before showtime that they were missing – gone – gone forever! They might have developed a hole or a stain or gotten sucked into the vortex in the washing machine, but in any case, they were not there when I needed them. I compromised with a pair of pink tights that took the whole outfit over the top, into the realm of clothing comedy.

No worries, I can be the butt of my own joke! But next time, assuming I haven't replaced my ivory ones by then, I'll probably wear this outfit without the tights.

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