Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cherry in the air

I felt a lightness in my heart as I laid out today's outfit, and I let it guide me as I picked out a fun, flouncy, and short-sleeved dress. I wore a pair of pastel pink heels with grey lace on the toes; they are one of the four pairs I splurged on all the way back in November right before I broke my toe, and it took me a while before I had a chance to wear them.

Though I'm loath to wear long sleeves when it's warm out, the mornings (and our office) are still chilly, so the blazer was a pretty good compromise. My photographer commented that he liked the neutral tones paired with the more colorful shades in my dress and accessories, and I have to agree.

The necklace was actually an afterthought; originally I was going to go with a far less flashy one (last seen being worn as a headband), but I was excited about the weather (it's the first day to rise above 70 all year—not counting a couple of badly timed days that coincided with my crippling case of the flu), and I decided to celebrate with jewel-bedecked florals! Bring on the spring bling! It's cherry blossom season after all!

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