Monday, April 2, 2018

So lucky they get to wear pants

Once upon a time, in college, a girl I only sort of knew became associated with the catchphrase, "They're so lucky, they get to wear pants!" I only sort of knew the reason for this, which is silly and boring anyway, but for some reason I could never get out of my head. So I'm pleased to finally be able to use it as the title of a blog post. And why is it the title of this blog post? Well, this blog post marks a special occasion: an entire week of pants at work! While I usually wear pants at least once a week, I never wear pants every day of the week, so I decided to do just that! Hello, fashion challenge!


Before I had even conceived of a whole week of pants-wearing, I planned this simple outfit to reintroduce the jade-and-gold pants I first wore last month. This time, I paired it with a black sweater with balloon sleeves. I wasn't feeling particularly creative, being especially ready for bed on a Sunday night, but I do like the combination of big legs with big sleeves.


I wanted to wear one of my three new pairs of thigh-high boots, but I feel like thigh-highs and jeans might just be a little too punk for work, so I chose to wear them instead with leggings and a tunic (since the tunic has the shape of a dress, I like to think it reads as more professional). Since I last pictured this tunic, I decided I hated the fit—no waist, looked like a toddler dress. After resizing it to a more body-skimming shape, I decided it was ready for one more wear. I matched my earrings to my pink boots (and my hair, a coworker noted). For the pants portion of the outfit, I wore black leggings. Are leggings pants? The debate rages on, but for the purpose of this blog post, I have to say they are.


The first two days of this week saw me in flowy, pajama-like pants and leggings in turn, so I decided Wednesday was the day to buckle down and start dressing like a professional. I put on my most conservative of khakis and combined them with my most classic of cardigans. Of course, I was positively compelled to balance out the boring style of my clothes with exciting colors, so I chose lemon yellow for the cardigan and kelly green for my camisole and shoes.


The forecast was 74 degrees, so I really wanted to wear a summery shirt, in case it would be warm enough to bike home unencumbered by a coat. Conveniently, I'd just refashioned an old silver sleeveless top, which had been out of commission for over a year, and now was ready to start its new life! Inconveniently, a miscalculation on my part left the arm holes too big, revealing my bra, so I still had to cover it up all day with the red open-front cardigan I wore to keep me warm in the morning. I also wore red shoes, and the pants today were a pair of grey skinny jeans.


There was one type of pants that had been conspicuously absent from my week of pants at work, so for my fifth and final day, I wore blue jeans! I went with the most wide-legged pair I have, since 1) they were new, and 2) the prior day I'd worn skinny jeans. I had planned on wearing my black and white striped sweater since the weather was supposed to get drastically colder by the end of the day, but when I got up in the morning, it was still too warm outside to bike to work in such a heavy top. So I switched at the last moment to this thin aqua long sleeved T-shirt, which ended up looking better with the jeans anyway!

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