Monday, December 6, 2010

Whoa, Purple!

Usually, when I plan an outfit, I feel it's success if just one person comments on it. Bonus points if it's a compliment, but I'll settle for any acknowledgment that my look is in some way interesting. Such was the case when I rolled out this little number a few weeks ago.

Did I get, "Valerie, cute outfit!" No. Did I hear, "Valerie, I love your jacket!" No. But I did get, "WHOA, PURPLE!"

So, success!

I got the jacket (royal purple) on sale for 3 dollars. The shirt underneath (lavender) was an old T-shirt that I modified to look more cute and less blocky. Remind me to show you sometime. If I had had more time for setup, I would have taken in the sides of the shirt so it fit less loosely, but I did what I could in the mad dash to get to work on time. But the crowning glory of the whole getup was the socks. That's right. Purple unicorn knee socks!

I admit that I did not get these socks at bargain prices. I paid a premium, because I knew they would make the most magical outfit the world had ever known. Sadly, no one commented on the socks--perhaps because they were blown away by the overall excess of purple. Next time I risk wearing these extravagant covers on my feet, I think I'll try to make the rest of my outfit less in-your-face.

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