Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Hat

There comes a time in every girl's life...when she must wear boring clothes!

It's true--not everything in your wardrobe can be adorable, and one day, when it's cold outside and you don't feel like wearing a dress, and all your winter tops are like ugh, you will decide to suck it up and put on the jeans and the blah shirt. But your outfit can still be saved, and it's as simple as wearing a hat!

This right here is my very first "hat-as-accessory." After cutting my locks from a dramatic waist length to a cutesy bob a few months ago, I knew I would have to invest in some accessories to do the job that the hair used to do. I found this hat on sale (about 5$) at Burlington Coat Factory and knew I had struck glamor gold.

It's brown. It has polka dots. (As you can tell from the curtain in the background, brown with polka dots is a personal favorite of mine). It's even got some bling. My roommate tells me her grandma tells her that all the girls are wearing bling bling now, so it must be cool.

When I picked out my boring clothes on that fateful day, I picked out The Hat as well, and I like to think that my outfit was somewhat redeemed.

Because The Hat, cute as it is, has the effect of casting a shadow over my face, I did something I usually don't and wore mascara to bring out my eyes. Did you know that if you don't try to wash it off, some mascara will stay on for three days!? Apparently it does. And for those three days that my eyes were all decked out, I felt more beautiful than usual. All because of a wonderful, marvelous Hat!

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