Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

Sometimes, people use depression as an excuse not to write in their blogs.
Other times, people use lack of supplies as an excuse not to have cool adventures in clothing.

I would never – never! – do either one of those. Especially now, now that I have this awesome new sewing box. You see, for years, I've been storing my sewing supplies in whatever I could find that would hold them—what started as a travel sewing kit expanded to fill the accessories box on my sewing machine, then continued to grow until I needed to find a sewing box. Being a cheapskate, I chose a dinky, flimsy cardboard box that served me for over a year.

All that changed when my mom came to visit this past Thanksgiving and brought a huge collection of fabric and an entire sewing table. That's right—table! My sewing box is now so big, it has legs! And as a bonus, it came filled with sewing supplies! Now that I have the materials, and the space to store them, I have fewer reasons not to embark on ambitious crafty projects.

I hope that this will also inspire me to not get all sad and mopey and let my blog languish unwritten in for months at a time. No more excuses.
The old sewing box.
Here's the new one!

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