Monday, June 27, 2011

Brown Beige and Blingy

Hair blowing in the breeze, just like a bona fide model!
One of my favorite pastimes in recent months has been to scour eBay for lots of pre-owned clothing. By "lots," I mean, clothing sold in a collection....Although admittedly, I have been doing it lots.

My selection criteria are stringent. The lot must have at least a few things I think would actually fit me and I would actually like. The total cost, including shipping, must not be more than 3$ per item. And it must fit within my budget at the time. Which means, at least right now, no 100-piece lots for 200$. As you can imagine, lots that meet my requirements are hard to find. So far I've purchased 2.

The first yielded a pretty nightgown, a cute tan blouse that I'll probably post here at some point, a pair of boy-short bikini bottoms that I have been wearing under skirts when biking, and a black short-sleeved top. The rest of the 78 pieces, I am slowly reselling for–as of today–a 7$ profit! Wahoo!

The second yielded, among a few other things not worth getting excited over, the brown tank top seen in the photo above. I never would have bought it by itself (with the gold sequins decorating the neckline, it is a little too flashy for my style), but since I had it anyway, I kept it. And wore it one day with the khaki skirt that I got two years ago on sale at Rainbow. The skirt has beads dangling from a sort of ropelike belt, which just happen to perfectly match the tank top.

I wore it with a pair of sandals I've had for years, but rarely wear because their colors are so hard to match. However, they mostly matched this ensemble. So altogether, I think this was a victory for color coordination.

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