Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flower Power

Summer is almost at an end, but before it draws its last breath, I have a few summer outfits I'd like to show you.

This first outfit was inspired by a shopping trip gone wrong.

Earlier this summer, Old Navy had a heavily advertised weekend tank top sale, with all tanks for 2 dollars. What they neglected to tell me was that they were having a pre-sale on Friday. So by the time I got there Saturday morning, all that was left was the boring colors: black, white, and grey.

Well, I thought I'd make the most of it, and bought a black and a white one, thinking I'd give them some permanent embellishments later.

In true unproductive Unfashionista fashion, I still haven't. But I did wear one one day, and I gave it a temporary embellishment just to make it mildly interesting. A fake flower.

If you are me, you have mountains of fake flowers squirreled away. You have trouble refraining from removing fake flowers from the garbage when you find them. (This includes the garbage at cemeteries). But you hardly ever use them.

This outfit was an opportunity to make use of my fake flower collection and make my boring tank top exciting. I attached the flower to my tank top with a safety pin, and finished it off with my secret weapon: Res-Q Tape!

Yes, rescue tape does just what its name implies, saving you from the embarrassment of peeking bra straps, too-low necklines, gaping buttons, and a host of other wardrobe malfunctions. In this case, it works wonders persuading flower petals to lay down flat. At the end of the day, I peeled the tape off my flower and tank top, and now both are good as new and ready for action! As soon as next summer rolls around.

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