Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some odds and ends to tide you over

I realize I have been a neglectful media maid, and have allowed my online presence to fall into disrepair. As I explained to a fellow blogger, it's hard to be Unfashionable when you're living out of plastic bags. But I do have a few minutes, and few photographs of Unfashionista projects I started this summer, before bedbug fever hit me (see Val's Galorious Galaxy for all the details). I've been holding onto them for various reasons, but it's time to let them out into the light.

Well, one of them at least.

There was a time when I was not confident about my clothes. If I dared to wear anything that deviated much from the preppy norm, I was consumed by self-consciousness. Today, after several years of compliments on my style, I am more daring. I don't even think twice about throwing on a zany outfit like this one:
This ensemble consists of the cheap yellow shirt I bought at Shopper's World, the salmon skirt I made from an old comforter, a pair of athletic/knee socks I bought at Walmart for 2 dollars, and my knockoff Chuck Taylors from Payless Shoes.

I would ordinarily wear shoes that are a little more feminine with an outfit like this, but I was going to work, so practical flats were key. Following work, I met my boyfriend for an impromptu lunch out. On our way back home, he informed me that our waitress had given me the goggle-eyed once-over when we walked in the door.

Oh. I guess the colors were a little out there. I guess the overall look wasn't at the height of fashion. But whatever. Any kind of reaction is a success!

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