Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Giddyup Getup

One of my favorite (OK, let's be honest—one of my many favorite) clothing motifs is a floral dress with cowgirl boots. It's such a fun juxtaposition of ladylike and Wild-West tough.

The challenge with today's outfit was how to turn a rather shapeless and and slightly too-revealing dress into something that qualifies as ladylike in the first place.

Problem 1: With its empire waist, the dress just kind of sat on me like a sack. Problem 2: The halter neck just shows too much skin for the workplace.

To cover up my back and shoulders, I threw on a long flowing white cardigan. I then cinched it with a braided leather belt that gave the ensemble some structure—and just happened to match the shade of my Western boots almost perfectly.

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