Monday, June 24, 2013

How does your garden grow?

 A monochromatic top and a pair of denim shorts hardly strike awe into the hearts of the fashionable, but this outfit makes me proud, and I'll tell you why.

1. The shorts are DIY cutoffs, made from a pair of jeans that don't fit any more. The cool thing about jeans that ride too low because they're slightly too big, is that if you cut off most of the length, they weigh a lot less and make make great-fitting shorts! I thought about many ways to style these into shorts, including the classic frayed edge, dip-dying them with bleach, or just hemming them like I did the pink ones. Ultimately, though, I went with a cuff, which opened up the possibility for cutesy additions like #2.

2. You last saw my oversized rose pin last year, when I used it to close a shrug at the front. In this outfit, I wore it as a purely non-functional accessory, sticking its stem into the cuff and using my shorts as a vase!

3. The shoes have proven very difficult to wear, with their rainbow of stripes and an orangeish background (orange is the most underrepresented color in my wardrobe), but they go very well with red. And I have to say that when I do find an opportunity to wear them, they make quite a statement!

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