Friday, October 11, 2013

Dress Shirt

 It's a fairly average-looking outfit, of plain trousers, neutral shoes, and a plain purple shirt. If it weren't for the rather large necklace, it would be truly unremarkable.

Except for this little secret: the shirt is a dress! Much too short and tight to wear comfortably at work, yet too casual to save for a special occasion, this purple dress (bought on eBay, mostly because it came with a skirt that I really liked) seemed doomed to a life in no-man's land.

Until I learned that it didn't look too bad hiked up above my hips as a long ruched-looking top. Ta-da!

Think outside the box

Double your wardrobe's versatility by letting your clothes do double-duty. Don't be held back by traditional definitions. Dresses can become tops! Skirts can become tops! Can pants become tops? Hm, that remains to be seen.

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