Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jackets for the Win(ter, spring, and fall)!

Every year I seem to go on some sort of fashion spree, in which I get mildly obsessed with a particular category of clothing.

In 2010, it was knee socks. 2011, arm warmers. 2012, shoes (that, I have to say, is an ongoing obsession, but it has tapered off a bit). This past year, it seems to have been jackets. Since last December, I have acquired 9 coats and jackets, and I still want more! I want one in every color.

Jackets are my new favorite accessory. They are the tools that are going to allow me to extend my beloved summer wardrobe into fall and winter.

Get Jacketed

Jackets turn the sheerest, most sleeveless dresses into cool-weather items. Throw a jacket over anything, and you instantly have one more color, one more texture to spice up your outfit. A jacket turns the most casual getup into an office-appropriate ensemble.

I can't wait to show you all the wonderful ways that you can make jackets work for you! Coming up in the next few posts!

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