Monday, April 28, 2014


This look was meant to be.

My boyfriend bought me this dress when he was in Indonesia back in January. I was unable to wear it numerous times (not warm enough to wear in winter, and I discovered the built-in lining was too see-through when I tried again in warmer weather), so I stuffed it into my "Projects Box" several weeks ago for later evaluation.

Cut to last weekend. After over a month of sporting an imperfectly bleached blond mop, I finally got around to putting some real color in my hair. I wish I could say the purple was a well considered decision, but it really just became necessary after an unsuccessful trial of homemade purple toner.

I had just put the finishing touches on the two-tone purple look (saved the bangs for last) and taken it out for a spin in the city (people liked it), when, on Sunday evening, having run out of things to do, I cracked open the old Projects Box.

Lo and behold, sitting within it was the dress, which happened to perfectly match my new hair color! I had to wear it.

I remembered I had a long dark blue slip / nightgown rolled up somewhere in the bottom of my pajama drawer, and it turned out to be the perfect length to replace the translucent liner layer.

So I hacked that old thing off. Patience is a virtue, and I apparently haven't acquired it yet. I accidentally cut a few holes in the skirt, which I patched (I hope) with clear nail polish. In the end, I concluded the blue slip made a perfect substitute liner for this purple and red gossamer dress.

And it matched my hair!!

I thought, overall, I had a pretty, fairy-tale vibe going, but one coworker compared me to Melisandre, apparently a villain from Game of Thrones, and another one said I looked decidedly "gypsyish."

So I guess, Style Tip If you're not going for "disreputable," steer clear of the dark maroon/purple hair.

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