Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bows and Ties

If you haven't noticed from my last few posts, my hair color has been changing a lot lately. It is presently a dark brown, but its natural color is a dark blond, and it's been growing out for about a month now. My hair grows relatively slowly compared to some people's, but there's still enough new growth showing to make me look, as one friend put it, like an old lady trying to cover up her grey. Well, obviously that's not attractive, but at the same time, there is not enough new growth to warrant going in to the salon for another expensive dye job just yet. So until such a time as I feel like dyeing my roots again, I'll be experimenting with different ways to hide them, including creative headwraps! I eased into it today with what is essentially an extra-wide headband.

The rest of the outfit is Unfashion as usual. The forecast said it was supposed to be very hot today, so my priority in selecting an outfit was keeping it light and breezy. I started with a red shirt, which is basically sleeveless, but because of its construction looks a tad more polished than your average tank top. I paired it with my black ragged-polka-dotted-hem skirt. I was satisfied that this getup would keep me cool, but I wasn't so happy with the silhouette, which, because of the overall looseness of all the elements involved, was a little shapeless. I added definition with a skinny black belt.

For footwear, I went with a cute pair of ankle boots that a friend gave me just recently. I considered casual black sandals, but they just didn't pack the same unexpected punch as boots in July, plus I couldn't resist the impulse to wear something new!

The assessments that I received on this outfit today included, "Like Cyndi Lauper, but not as crazy," "kind of like a pirate," and "a little Steampunk."

I personally didn't have a particular look in mind when I put this together, but I did notice that there were little bows on the boots and the headband was tied up in a knot too, so, when considering jewelry, I decided on the bow-tie necklace at the last minute. I'm not sure whether it was a cute way to "tie" together the little bows into a thematic look, or whether it's just "bow"verkill. What do you think?

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  1. This outfit is missing an ear cuff