Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Grandma's Brooches

I blog a lot about my collection of Grandma's brooches, so I thought I might as well dedicate a whole post to these unsung heroes of accessorizing.

Brooches, these days, are not at the height of fashion. Although people wear them, statement necklaces, earrings, and bracelets all seem to surpass them in popularity. That's one reason why I consider it a particularly worthy challenge to find ways to showcase these vintage works of wearable art.

I have about 7 oversized floral brooches, which I inherited from my paternal grandmother (along with a sizable collection of jewelry and makeup). For years, I kept them at the bottom of jewelry boxes, much admired but unworn. I was not much into jewelry (other than earrings) until after I started this blog.

However, in more recent years, I have discovered the power of a brooch, in such varied functions as fastening a cardigan, accenting a monochromatic look, tying together a color scheme, and even doing double duty as a necklace or hair accessory.

I have found a use for many of my Grandma's vintage brooches—just a few to go! I think I shall have to make it my mission to bring these last few, unloved ornaments into the spotlight they so richly deserve. Stay tuned!

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