Saturday, April 4, 2015



You have never seen these pants before on this blog, even though I've worn them on several occasions, and I think it's about time they got the credit they deserve.

I got them for next to nothing at the thrift store (OK, between 2 and 3 dollars, if you must know what "next to nothing" means to me) and continually delight in the periwinkle watercolor/glazed-tile design. They are a bit hard to color-coordinate, but they go well with most blues or purples, if you're fond of the monochromatic look, as you know I am.

Today's single-color outfit consists of said pants, a purple drapey top, and purple shoes. I picked a white necklace in a braided design that I thought went well with the pattern on the pants, a lace bracelet for the same reason, and teardrop-shaped seagull earrings just because they didn't clash too badly, and broke up the purple just a tiny bit with their flash of blue.

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