Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Speaking of spring....

Everyone in the fashion sphere is posting their outfits with captions about spring, and The Unfashionista is no exception! My first real springtimey outfit is a splash of pink and robin's-egg blue.

Yesterday, I had my hair up in double buns all day and night, so it came out this morning with a gorgeous (dare I say, springy?) wave that was too rare to bury in my usual workplace bun or single braid. So I left it free, just winding one side of it into a very loose braid that continued down my shoulder (mainly because the ends hadn't curled as much as the rest of it, and I wanted to hide them). Of course, by the time I took this picture, most of the bounce had succumbed to gravity, but I've still got spring on my mind and a spring in my step!

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