Tuesday, January 17, 2017


It was Martin Luther King Junior Day, and the time for trying to do something fun on our day off that is normally a day at work was upon us!

My boyfriend had heard from his sister that she wanted to go to a winery, so he picked out a place that the three of us could go for a tasting—Stone Tower Winery.

Naturally, to an Unfashionista, the only point of going out is to get dressed up. so I picked out the snazziest outfit that my winter wardrobe could cough up.

Mainly, I wanted to wear the ridiculously flared jeans I'd picked up just a couple weeks ago, so I picked out an outfit that worked around them. Annoyingly, not only are they so flared you could fit two legs in them side by side, they are also so long, you could nearly fit two people in them top to bottom. At some point, I'll have to hem them, but today I just wore them with my tallest platform booties and hoped for the best. Typically a winery is a little too rustic (read, possessed of too many rocky paths and strange surfaces) for a pair of 4-inch wedges, but we do what we must when we wish to be fashionable. Fortunately I did not fall over at any point during the day.

In addition to wanting to wear my flashy flares for some time, I'd also been feeling a notable lack of hats in my daily attire. Today, I decided, it was time to change. I had a new wool (or rather, wooly-looking fleece) hat with a red crown and black brim that I'd picked up for 3 dollars in the summer which was desperately in need of being worn.

To make it look sensible with the overall look, I added a burgundy sweater, and then tied everything together with some similarly hued lip stain. In the epitome of appropriateness, I'd picked an almost entirely burgundy / merlot / bordeaux-colored outfit, for a trip to a winery! In the epitome of irony, I only drink white wine!

Today also marks the day that I first got to wear the velvet choker that I made for myself. Lacking any hardware for assembling a choker, I simply used Velcro to hold the two ends together, and no one was any the wiser—or if they were, they wisely didn't mention it.

Um, we brought the dogs, so that should explain the white hairs all over the brim of my black hat!

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