Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fade to lavender

With Thrift Store Formals and Winery Excursions galore, I've been on an outfit roll!

But with the arrival of my first day of work after the long weekend, I felt my momentum "roll" to a stop. Dressing for work is, by nature, much less exciting. I needed to inject some interest into my work clothes!
I decided to take advantage of the 50+ degree forecast yesterday and wear something that doesn't cover my legs (Gasp! What an adventure!), and that ended up being my trusty purple pleather pencil skirt (almost as much fun to say as it is to wear)!

I'd previously tested the skirt out with a slightly lighter purple shirt, so I went that route and tried to decide on shoes. I was tempted to go with still more purple, but enough is enough after all—besides, my purple boots only go up to mid-calf, and it wasn't as warm as all that!

It occurred to me that with a dark purple skirt and a light purple shirt, I had sort of a gradient going, so it might be cool if I went even darker on my legs. Black boots were the answer! The now-3-level gradient inspired me to find something even lighter purple to wear above my shirt, and my scarf collection did not disappoint. To top it all off (in a  literal sense this time!) I found a pair of pastel purple heart earrings, which actually look completely clear in some light.
So my overall outfit goes black, dark purple, medium purple, light purple, extremely light purple! I'm a walking gradient, only slightly marred by the hair, which remains tenaciously green in spite of having last been dyed over 2 months ago. That's enough, hair. It's time to move on.

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