Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pints and Puppies

Our dogs invited us to the Pints and Puppies event in DC on Sunday, which was a charity happy hour to benefit animal rescue organizations. (Oh, you think our dogs didn't really invite us? Well, just ask them to tell you differently!)

I built my outfit around a pair of dark brown thigh-high boots. I haven't been able to wear these often because I can't much bend my knees in them, but I figured an outdoor happy hour, where we'd be likely to be standing most of the time, would be a reasonable occasion. For the rest of the outfit, I went with various shades of neutrals—some faded, almost greyish blue jeans, a dark brown camisole, and a cozy ruffly duster sweater to keep me warm. It was supposed to be cold (low sixties—not intolerable, but pretty uncomfortable for cold-blooded me when I'm not doing any kind of physical activity!), which I wasn't thrilled about, but I made do as best I could.

The colors were boring, but fortunately, I had some leeway to accessorize! I enjoy a good outdoor social because it means I have an excuse to wear one of my many wide-brimmed hats. My pick for this day was a navy blue felt hat with pink flowers, which I tied into the outfit with my (also blue) fingerless gloves (I'm serious about being uncomfortable outside in the low 60's! I would have worn full gloves if I didn't think they'd cause too much mess with beverages and food). Lastly, I wore an oversized locket pendant necklace.

Although the too-loose hat was a poor choice for a windy day (I haven't yet fixed it with my ingenious headband trick), I still managed to get a few compliments to make it worthwhile—including a general "I love your style!" which is just about the highest compliment an Unfashionista can receive.

The dogs got at least as many compliments as their human (let's face it; they got many more!) for being totes adorbz in their matching tuxedo sweaters! I tried to take a few pictures of them, but their lack of cooperation, combined with my hands being full of my errant hat and my wine glass, plus being constantly bumped by many other dogs and their owners, made it rather tricky.
The dogs and their handsome dad

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