Monday, May 22, 2017

Sporty Stripes

One thing that's quite trendy these days is wearing sneakers with dresses. It's so cool (though not Unfashionista-approved) to take a fancy skirt and tone it down with some athletic shoes underneath. Call me a traditionalist, but I would never ruin an elegant outfit by pairing it with less-than-elegant shoes.

However, with high-heeled sneakers, you combine the best of both worlds—the casual vibe of the sneaker with the flattering shape of the heel! Some haters might say that this ruins the comfort of sneakers as well as the beauty of heels, and they might be right, but I just can't seem to listen to their good sense. Whether it be a wedge high-top or a painted platform or a boot with distinctly sneaker-like details, I always seem to have at least one pair of these combination shoes hiding out in my collection.

This time around, it's a green-and-white set with chunky white heels. With lots of character and correspondingly very little versatility, this new pair sat unworn on my shoe rack for months (long enough for part of one shoe to actually start fading in the sun! Note to self: find different location for shoe rack).

I wore them once with a green and white dress, but the greens clashed, so this time I went monochrome. Green and white shoes with a black and white dress!

The dress is a casual knit with a short flouncy skirt that calls to mind a golf or tennis outfit. Even flat sneakers could look cute with this dress...but since I'd rather die than wear sneakers when I could wear heels, that was obviously out of the question.

Though going otherwise all monochrome is a good way to call attention to your colorful and interesting shoes, I'm always happier when I'm repeating a color somewhere else in my outfit. So I put on a matched set of green jewelry. Now my outfit feels complete!

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