Monday, July 3, 2017

Breaking the shorts barrier

As you might recall, I can and will wear almost anything to work, but a few things I won't wear are:
  • Clothes with all-over sparkle (at least without covering some of it up)
  • Anything that requires a "stunt bra." Not my word, just something I read in an article—but it perfectly describes the whole family of bras that you sometimes have to employ to prevent them being visible under certain skimpy clothing.
  • Crop tops
  • Leggings as pants
  • Shorts
I have never worn shorts at the office. I have worn capri pants, culottes, and some really short skirts, but shorts have been forever off limits in my self-imposed workplace dress code.

Today, though, I was feeling a little feisty. It's Monday, the third of July. We have tomorrow off work. We had yesterday off work. But we do not have today off work. Who gives their employees the 4th of July off, but makes them come into the office the day prior, denying them a glorious 4-day weekend just for one little unproductive Monday? My employer does, that's who. Practically half the campus has taken the day off. Those of us who remain are here mostly alone and mostly against our wills.

Seems like the perfect day for some quiet rebellion. If I couldn't actually be on vacation, I could at least dress like I was on vacation—today was the day I would wear shorts!

Rebellion or no, I still didn't want to show up to the office in short shorts, so I limited myself to the one pair of knee-length shorts in my collection. These shorts happen to be quite the artsy garment, with angular cuffs and silver studs all over them. They are a hard look to pull off at the office. I couldn't go too casual on top, for the obvious reason that I'd look like I just rolled in out of the gutter; nor could I go too dressy on top, because the punky shorts were clearly not going to play nice with any preppy blouses. Furthermore, the top had to sleeveless, because today's high was forecast to be 92!

This green knit blouse did just an OK job of ticking all the boxes—it had the casual-but-not-too-casual feel that was necessary for marrying embellished jean shorts with a work environment, and I wore it tucked to give it an extra element of refinement, but I felt like the ruffles were slightly too prissy next to the rocker vibe of the shorts. Whatever, I wore shorts!

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