Friday, June 30, 2017

Looking normal

I have no shortage of sleeveless button-downs, because basically all of my short-sleeved blouses eventually become one (and yes, this blouse originally had short sleeves too), but I don't consider them my most fashionable of garments. Something about a sleeveless button-down screams "soccer mom!!"—not typically the look I go for—but for some reason, I'm really proud of today's simple outfit featuring one. Maybe it's because I look so unapologetically soccer-mom-ish, I become a fashion statement in myself.

Just look at me in my suburban-outdoorsy blouse that tries to be practical yet cute, fitted yet comfortable, and adult yet playful, all at the same time! Just check out my unpretentious (and un-trendy) pedal-pushers! Have a good long gander at those sensible sandals with their sturdy ankle buckle and low, walking-friendly rise! Heck, how about my haircut—the low-maintenance, unstyled chin-length bob, perennial favorite among busy moms everywhere?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Does this all point to one thing? Have I finally embraced normcore?

Of course I have! It's a trend that's past its prime! Perfect time for an Unfashionista to pick up on it!

Just kidding! The truth is, the Unfashionista hasn't been feeling too well lately, and her energy levels have basically hit rock bottom. Items usually at the top of my priority list (such as picking out the world's best outfit every night) have taken a backseat to those necessary for survival (such as going to bed at 9pm). I dragged this outfit from my closet this morning, cringing from a headache, and proceeded to throw it on and bike (very slowly) right to work.

And yet I don't think I look under the weather, and that's quite an accomplishment! I may not look like the paragon personal style I aspire to be, but looking like a chipper housewife isn't a bad second place.

In short, Style Tip No matter how bad you feel, simple pants and a fitted top can always make you look like a million bucks—or at least a solid 60,000 in the bank and a new SUV in the driveway.

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  1. Hey! I don't think that looks soccer mom. I think it looks professional casual Friday. To each their own I guess. It's funny how people have their own mental associations when it comes to fashion...