Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bird earrings

There was a time, around 10 years ago, when brown was my favorite color of clothing. I guess it was the hippie in me, struggling valiantly to stock my wardrobe in nothing but earth tones. Back then, an all-brown outfit, with a paisley top no less (I love paisley!), would have probably made me sing with joy. Those days are behind me; now brown alone (even multiple shades of it!) is not enough to satisfy my need for lots of color.

That's why this blog post is all about the tiniest part of my outfit—the earrings! I bought them just a couple months ago, for a whopping 6 dollars. They were fair trade, so I can feel good about the extra expense, and I was on vacation, one of few circumstances in which I let myself disregard my price limits. There were many birds to choose from, but I needed yellow earrings at the time, so these finches seemed like a good, versatile choice (of course, just as with my star-studded boots from last week, I neglected to consider that such an ostentatious motif might make the earrings difficult to coordinate, even if they were the right color!).

Fortunately, when the rest of your outfit is (so extremely boringly!) neutral, bright yellow birds can be a perfect accent piece!

I must hereby offer the disclaimer that, though I'm calling these birds goldfinches, the coloring isn't quite right and the shape is a little too long and slender. They are made by a Kenyan artisan, and  probably represent some unique African bird that I'm not familiar with, but I really have no idea. I'm an Unfashionista, not an ornithologist!

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