Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The heights of fashion

For the benefit of loyal reader Geoff, I have refrained
from displaying a foot in this shoe.
Doesn't every woman dream of being tall? Of towering over her companions like some kind of overgrown supermodel? Of being saddled with monikers like "Amazon" and "Giantess?"

If she does, there's no better way to accomplish her goals than with shoes like these. With a skyscraping 5.5-inch heel and 1.5-inch platform, these sandals will make any midget look tall. On a girl whose 5 feet, 6 inches already make her above average in height, these shoes send her soaring right past "tall" and into the territory of "statuesque."

Usually, the top of my head is level with
the top of this wardrobe.
When you are standing over six feet tall, you suddenly become "imposing." To tone down the effect, shoes like these should be paired with the most harmless-looking of girly attire. This Unfashionista chose an ecru sundress bedecked with strawberries, bought for around 6 dollars at a thrift store several months ago. (Few people are thinking about sundresses in the middle of November, so it's a prime time to find quality secondhand items to bulk up your wardrobe.)

The strawberries, I thought, went nicelywith the pink hair, which is floppedso attractively over my face in the photo.