Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clothes aren't the only thing Unfashionistas care about, you know.

The Unfashionista, looking pensive.
You've seen it all before.

The white skirt featured prominently in "Black House White Market" and "Not to be confused with 'hip'" (box office hits, both of them).

The green sleeveless top ... well ... has never made an appearance here, but was used ad nauseam in the photo shoot that sourced a vast quantity of my Facebook pictures.

And the sandals, which you can't see, are the same ones that I got for an unbeatable bargain just 2 weeks ago.

But the real reason for this post (other than to provide a medium for innumerable self-promoting links) was to show off the haircut.
A few days before these pictures were taken, I got a new haircut, and absolutely loved it. After months of having short hair, I finally got it styled the way I actually wanted--face-framing and thickest at about the level of my ears, rather than poofing out at the bottom.

The secret to getting this look is (hopefully not 4 haircuts spaced 2 months apart and a hearty helping of good luck, but) asking for lots of layers. Be adamant that you do not want your hair to poof at the bottom. Your stylist will look at you like she's not sure what you're saying, which will worry you, but stick to your guns. And later, when you think your  stylist is done, and then she keeps cutting more and more hair, you will worry even more. But don't panic and toss your head as horses do, because the results of that will be even more worrisome. Instead, just hold on to your hat and let her put on the leave-in conditioner when she's done. You will end up with a haircut that will make you want to gaze pensively out of a window while you photograph yourself.

All good Unfashionistas would think twice before splurging on a haircut, but as I have learned from this experience, the stylists at The Hair Cuttery (15$ for a cut, 3$ for a blow-dry) are just as adept as the stylists at Fancy Salon Down the Street (30$ for a cut, $10 more for a blow-dry). As long as you make it clear what you want. It has taken me over 10 years of getting haircuts to learn this simple trick.

Incidentally, today my hair doesn't look so hot--either a testament to my stylist's skill at getting me to come back soon, or an affirmation that shampoo that comes in the form of a bar of soap is pretty uncommon for a very good reason. Yes, I've been washing my hair with "hair soap," straight from India, with rather questionable results. It's a good thing I've got that marked-down-to-2$ bottle of Infusium waiting in the wings, ready to repair my 'do when the situation gets too dire.

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