Thursday, December 29, 2011

None of the above

In case you were waiting with bated breath to know just which holiday outfit I finally selected, the moment is finally here. And the answer is: ...Well, I bet you can guess from the title of this post.

Fearing a lack of qualified photographers at this outfit's
designated venue, I gave it a trial run at home before
traveling to Ohio where it made its debut.
Sometimes all you need is to tell someone about your problem, and the solution presents itself. Only a few minutes after coming out of the closet with my gay apparel dilemma, I remembered a dress that I had bundled away with all of my summer clothes. Sure, it had no sleeves, but it was brilliant, emerald green—the perfect thing to evoke the holiday spirit!

I exhumed it from the bag of tank tops and cutoffs, marveling at the one plus side to polyester: no wrinkles! Having spent almost two months stuffed unceremoniously in a plastic bag, it emerged just as regal as if accompanied by a trumpet fanfare.

It was not hard to choose the appropriate articles to complete this festive ensemble—a pair of off-white tights I had paid dearly for in expectation of later need matched perfectly with my reliable old crocheted shrug (you might remember it from my first outfit of last spring). Lacking a pair of sparkly green boots, I settled for the platform Mary Janes I mentioned last post, and finally broke out the old Christmas tree earrings I made myself several years ago.

Although initially a little hesitant to show so much thigh at church (our first stop before the party), I swathed myself in a full-length wool coat and hoped no one would look at me once I sat down. Two compliments fell upon me once safe at the party, so I concluded the end result was worth the risk.

Next challenge: what to wear for New Year's...

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