Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Outfit a Day

When I was a student teacher way back in 2005, I had just one goal. No, it wasn't to be the best student teacher the school had ever seen. No, it wasn't to make a difference in one child's life. It was to wear a different outfit every day for the entire semester. You can see why I went into design rather than education.

Now, as I start my new job, I have that same goal (in addition to, of course, being the best developer/trainer the university has ever seen).

It was a little challenging for me to meet the goal back then, but fortunately my assignment only lasted 3 months. Now, while the semester is considerably longer (Jan 3 through May 18-ish), I also have the advantage of being a clothes-hoarding Unfashionista with a much larger budget. I think I can do this!

The rules are simple:  An "outfit" comprises up to two signature pieces—for example, a top and a skirt, or a top and a pair of pants, or a dress and a pair of shoes. I may never during the study period wear the same outfit twice. But I may wear the same elements in different combinations.

So every week until the end of May, I will document my Unfashion hijinks with pictures and maybe a little commentary. This is a new project, so I'm not sure how it will evolve.

I started the week off right (Monday was a holiday) with a colorful skirt and a green layered-look top, both of which I got at the thrift store. I discovered midway through the day that my brown vegan shoes were rapidly deteriorating, so one of my goals for next week is to find my Amazing Goop and see if I can extend their lifespan.
A drab day following a dressy day, I traded in my skirt for pants, and my colors for varying shades of beige. Basically, the neutral tones served as a backdrop for the outrageous chandelier earrings that I had bought for 2 dollars over Christmas.  And whaddaya know! My fuschia arm warmers (fair trade--very expensive, but worth it) just happened to match perfectly!
I started this outfit with the purple sweater and went from there. I discovered that the black tiered skirt that usually looks awful with everything I try to wear actually went well with the "I mean business" interview shoes.
You might recognize this outfit from "Little Ballerina" of a few weeks ago. Basically I traded in the goody two shoes for some "toughie" black combat boots that I had bought myself as a Christmas present.

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