Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sock Talk

It's been a while (like, since Monday!) since I wore an Unfashionista-worthy outfit, and I figured today – dreary and rainy – would be the perfect day to get dressed up, get out, and get some errands done.

As I looked through my skirt collection, it became apparent that I am once again tired of all my clothes—a problem which I may try to rectify once I can start using a real closet again instead of a couple of storage totes (I have upgraded from the plastic bags, so at least there's a small improvement). But I did my best to think positive and find something wearable amidst my uninspiring collection.

I selected the black tiered skirt that I've really only worn twice, and I decided the perfect complement to turn this somewhat unflattering article would be my black-and-white-striped knee-high socks. I got them in a set which I bought for the plain black pair that came with them, and I wear them whenever I'm going for an edgy, over-the-top, or slightly punk look.

What would be better to enhance a punk look than my zipper-toed Airwalk wedges? (You can tell they're punk by the fact that they have stars on the inside.)

I didn't have much that I could wear on top that wouldn't look silly with an all black-and-white lower half, so I went with the one white shirt I have that isn't stained yellow, already in the laundry, or a big bulky sweater that I don't like: my ever-stylish white blouse by Express (don't worry--I got it for a steal at Gabriel Brothers).

To top it all off, I clipped my hair up in the back in a messy pile that I hoped looked effortless (even though it took me 6 tries) and popped in some heart-shaped earrings. They looked a little weathered, which was the best punky option my earring collection could yield.

I wore this to the mall, where I was convinced people were studiously ignoring my ensemble. However, on the way back, I struck Unfashion gold.

The mall security guard who I think is cute but never notices me told me hello and complimented me on my socks as I passed. Then, while I was gazing happily at the fish tanks across the way, a girl turned to me and announced (to the whole mall, I think—she was loud), "Your socks are cute!"

I'm glad I got those reactions or I would have probably lost all confidence to ever try to look edgy again.

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