Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little Ballerina

I wore this outfit to work on Wednesday. Usually my work style is more what I would call "lack thereof," since I'm supposed to arrive around 6 in the morning and definitely don't want to waste even a minute of sleep fussing with clothes or my hair.

Last Wednesday was the exception: Since I only had to go in for one small task which would take less than 15 minutes, I slept in and took my time getting ready, even putting my hair into double buns. I traded my sneakers for ballet flats and topped it all off with a pink long-sleeved tee.

I wasn't really dressing to impress; I just wanted to get out of the jeans that define my workday wardrobe.

But when I got there, one of my coworkers absolutely astonished me with her enthusiastic praise for my cute outfit.

"You look like a little ballerina!" she said.

I guessed that was worth blogging about.

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