Monday, March 18, 2013

Look o' the Irish

I love the color green. My favorite colors come and go, but green always stays close to the top of the list. And I just recently acquired two new green articles of clothing that I had yet to wear, so naturally I was pretty thrilled when Saint Patrick's Day rolled around.

I wore them both together in one verdant outfit that could only be described as magical! I'd like to add that I also wore some leg warmers, which I haven't had the guts to put on since last year since they seem to have already gone out of style—but I saw someone else sporting some just today, so I guess they haven't completely lost their charm yet.

I wish I could tell you how the public reacted to this outfit, but alas, the public never saw it. My St. Patrick's Day evening was spent waiting in the subway, riding in a car, looking for parking, sitting in an deserted pizza restaurant, arriving at a bar just as it was closing, and finally going home.

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