Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Fabulous Thrift Store Find

The last time I found a pair of boots at the thrift store, I just about died of happiness. But within a few months of making that purchase, I realized my amazing boots were unforgivably out of style. They had the bulging, oversized toe of the late 90's, and after wearing them a few times, I no longer could stand to, because they made my feet look too fat.

Luckily for me, I recently ran across another pair of boots at the thrift store. Similarly brown, similarly fur-lined, but slightly newer with a more modern profile. And, at $7.50, they cost even less than the last pair!

Like many of the clothes I buy, they needed some heavy alteration. The faux shearling looked like it had the mange, so I ended up trimming most of it off. But after that, I was proud to have a pair of boots that I could wear for years to come! Or at least, until next winter, when I realize fashion has evolved too much again.

The dress, I just want to add quickly, was an eBay purchase that was less successfully restored to usability. When it arrived, I was disappointed to see the fabric covered with scruff and pills. Though I did my best to shave it clean (as per my foolproof fabric rejuvenation method), it still was barely passable. I probably won't wear it but one season.

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