Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Buttoning Up

Today's jacket outfit is a summery sundress, autumned up by suede boots and a denim blazer.

I wasn't sure how to wear the blazer: open, partially buttoned, or buttoned all the way, so I took pictures of all three looks and let the camera tell the truth.

This jacket is too big to be worn unbuttoned all the way. It swims around me, which, in conjunction with the shapeless maxi dress, gives a very dowdy appearance. Nonetheless, this was how I wore it all day, because it was just too warm in my office to wear my jacket buttoned.

With one button buttoned, it looks, well, just plain silly. This jacket has the unique feature of having the top button exposed but the bottom two hidden behind a layer of fabric. So buttoning only one, be it the top or the middle, both created the odd illusion of a missing button. Plus, buttoning only the top did not help the fit problem mentioned above.

Buttoning all the buttons proved to be my favorite of the three options. It gathered in the blazer for a more streamlined look, and although I still find only one button visible at the top to be a weird way to wear your jacket, it was better than the even weirder way it looked with just one buttoned.

Style Tip There's no single way to decide whether to wear your jackets open, closed, or partially closed. But the choice can have a huge impact on how you look, so consider it wisely!

I did learn one other thing from wearing this outfit. Style Tip Don't wear suede boots with a long dress made of clingy fabric. The one will constantly adhere to the other, giving you a static problem that no amount of fabric softener can cure!

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