Thursday, November 7, 2013

An Alternative to Staples


As soon as I pulled this dress out of my closet, I thought two things:
1) It's so boring and grey! and 2) It has a hole in it.

The hole was from the staples I used to hold it up the first time I wore it. But that gave me an idea—why not wear it with another layer underneath, which will not only mitigate the excessive droop of the neckline, but also add some color to make it less boring and grey?

The logical color for this under-layer was teal, which would also allow me to wear my bold & beautiful blue-green boots.

And, I had extra time to get ready this morning, so I did makeup to match (the nails are leftovers from Halloween). When I got to the office, I added a long glass beaded necklace, which I forgot to wear when I posed for the first picture at home!

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